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Damn it all….
It hurts…
It really hurts…
What the fucking hell happened?
Two Horns, you fuck….
You tricked me.
Or did you?

Rose groaned quietly, rubbing her temples, the golden and jet black bells tinkling on her wrist. The headache was back, and headaches meant business. Something bad was going to happen, she just knew it. Her headaches were never wrong about bad things. Much like when Briareos never came back from his recon, and much like when she found the several men from their own regiment killed by what looked like cyborg soldiers, Deunan though….. Rose didn’t even find her body. Rose had wondered for weeks on end before she was jumped on by her employers goons, and ended up giving them a whooping of a life time. Two Horns, deciding it’d be better to hire her then to piss her off, gave her a home in the desolated city of New York. How she got there was really fuzzy at this point. The radio crackled to life next to her.
“Rosie! My dear, I have a job for you to do.” Rose groaned, realizing just who was at the end of the line. Picking up the radio, Rose sent the quick reply;
“What is it this time?” If she could have seen his face, she would’ve known that he might have just made the deal of a life time.
“I just made an incredible deal sweetie, and I need you to go with me to retrieve it.” This immediately sent Rose on ‘high alert’.
“Why don’t you go with your “A-Team” Two Horns? Or are they not good enough for you?” Rose asked as nicely as she could, but soon came to realise that her tone didn’t sound nice. Two Horns was silent for a second.
“Look, I think since this is going to be your last job, I’d thought you’d want to get it done…” Oh shit, where Rose’s first thoughts, this was her last job for Two Horns.
“Sorry boss, I have a horrible headache, and I’m a bit irritable right now. What time do you need me?” Rose quickly stated, sitting up from her cot.
“Thats the spirit, I need you with in two hours, we’re leaving at noon.”

Never thought that It’d end this way.
I wonder if their still alive..
They have to be.
Their the fighters.
I never really was one...

Rose sat point as one of Two Horn’s men drove the Humvee towards the meeting point. Apparently, what Two Horn’s had bought was something actually worth keeping, what it was, she didn’t know, maybe it wasn’t worth knowing until it was time. But as Two Horn’s spoke with his men, Rose drifted off into her memories, ones that she held in, her emotions bundled up with the memories as well. Before she realised it, tears slowly started to flow. One of the Cyborgs barked out a laugh.
“Oh lookie here. The non-borg is crying. I won-” He stopped mid-sentence as he realised that the Human was glaring right at him.
“Say, maybe before we go inside the building, want to have a little “one-on-one”?” Rose hissed, dark brown eyes looking black in the setting sun. The borg merely turned away, but didn’t say anything else about her tears. Two Horn’s merely laughed at the little fiesco.

You know…
I can’t move…
I can’t even move my littlest finger!
I don’t have my hand.
Hell, my whole arm is gone.
I must look pretty bad.

Rose glared at the familiar face that stood before her. Vigilance as she came to know him, had a passion for trying to kill her more than once before she was recruited by Two Horns.
“Miss me Rosie?” He asked, sending her a psychotic grin. Rose scuffed and turned away slightly, not wanting to look Vigilance in the eye. It bugged her just staring at him. I just want this deal to be over with. Rose thought quietly as the two gang leaders shook hands and greeted each other.

Wonder what Briareos would say to me?
Wonder what Deunen would say to me?
Hell if I know.
Possibly to get off my lazy ass and fight.
To kick the dick Vigilance in the face.
But I can’t move, not even if I wanted to.

Rose grunted slightly, not prepared for the sudden weight that she was carrying. Whatever Two Horn’s got in the “mutual benefit” trade, the damn case weighed a ton. Rose looked over at Vigilance, who still had his psycho grin, but his eyes were flickering to the case, to the two gang leaders conversing, then to the door. Thats when I questioned why he was doing that. Setting the case down, I went over to Two Horns.
“Boss. Can I see what’s inside the case?” Rose asked politely, showing that of a look of curiosity. Two Horns just waved me away and said yes. Quickly, I noted that Vigilance was gone. Rose tence up. This isn’t good. “Boss….. I think the case is bugged.”
“What the hell you talking about?!” Two Horns abruptly questioned, his three eyes narrowing. Rose slowly went over to the case and opened it.

Dammit, I can barely breath.
Who’s shouting?
Hey, Hey, HEY!
Can’t a woman die in peace?!
But I had so much of a future ahead of me.
A couple of kids,
A Husband,
Maybe a dog, husky-lab maybe?
Something that can run.

Two Horn’s and his associate took several steps back from the case, with Rose standing not even 4 feet from the case, back to the big open window. Rose stared in utter horror, too terrified to move away from the bomb. 20 seconds, Rose was struggling to hear Two Horn’s. 17 seconds, Briareos snatching the half empty bottle of vodka away from me, a scolding but laughing face looking at mine. 12 seconds, Deunen wrestling with me, and her some how flipping me onto my back, laughing hysterically. 8 seconds, me waiting for Briareos to come back from recon. 3 seconds, me finding Deunen’s night vision goggles. 0 seconds, me screaming to the clouded dawn. Rose only just hears her name, before the world turns red.

I can’t die…
Not here….
Not now…
I have to see you guys again…
Deunen… Briareos…
My god, please… Help me
I don’t want to lose you guys…
Your all I have left…
I don’t want to die yet!

Rose sputtered slightly, blood slowly slipping onto the fallen piece of building. Her breath coming out in thick, rugged wheezes. Her lower half of her right arm was gone, just a bloody stump. Her legs where bent in awkward angles, twitching slightly. Rose was pretty damn sure that both where broken, either that or where destroyed from the blast. Ribs where definitely broken, and piercing into her lungs, which explained why she was coughing up blood. It didn't help that form a fairly large piece of glass was protruding from her stomach. Rose groaned, every inch of her in pain, but her nerves seemed to register it as a pathetic tingling. Everything seemed load as well. Where those copper blades?

God… Please!
I don’t want to die!
Give me a second chance…
Give me a chance….
To find my friends…
I want to see them one…
Appleseed Rose
An Appleseed fanfic..... THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GET BOARD!!!

Edit; I changed the title so it'd fit.


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